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Monday, July 24, 2017

TASKI AERO, high-efficiency vacuum cleaner - EN

The “All-in-One” feature combination with highest efficiency and ultra-low noise The TASKI AERO high-efficiency vacuum cleaner uses state-of-the-art technology and has a super-efficient motor. And, with the patented whisper technology, the vacuum cleaner works ultra-silently. The new range consists of four streamlined and agile models which satisfy the rigorous requirements of frequent professional cleaning at any time, and in any environment. INTEGRATED CABLE QUICK REWIND The integrated cable rewind option allows fast and quick storage of the 12.5 m cable. This saves time and simplifies the cable handling significantly. Nevertheless exchange the cable is very simple and can be done without any tools thru an cable with kettle connection. Available for both AERO PLUS products. WHISPER TECHNOLOGY PATENT Through a innovative and patented cushioning technology the TASKI AERO is extremely silent with 53db(A). This low emission level allows to work in every environment within 24 hours. With the eco mode button the emissions can be reduced to 50db(A). ECO MODE BUTTON The Eco mode button reduce with one push the motor power 50% down. With this energy can be saved and the noise emission’s are reduced to 50db(A). Especially in delicate environment like public areas or for day cleaning in office’s the eco button allows to do the task at any day time. VARIOUS ACCESSORIES AVAILABLE The TASKI AERO portfolio offers various accessories for best fit for every application and environment. This accessories are in a good quality and important parts like the nozzle are coming from well know suppliers like Wessel. Slso HEPA H13 filtration is available for all four models. DESIGNED AND TESTED ACCORDING TO OPERATIONAL BEST PRACTICE Every aspect of the product is based on an extensive customer and process evaluation with the aim of delivering best operating efficiency. In terms of ergonomic design, the TASKI AERO PLUS is unmatched, with a foot pedal switch, two park positions and a high-quality user-friendly accessories set as standard. FULL DUST BAG INDICATOR The full dust bag indicator shows in a simple color code system when the dust bag needs to be replaced and proofs additionally airflow of the vacuum cleaner. This can be made with an smart mechanical scale which not need any service or replacement of small lights or else.
by Diversey Care via Endless Supplies .Biz - Brands