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Sunday, July 23, 2017

Orbi Home WiFi System by NETGEAR | RBK40

Learn more about the Orbi Whole Home WiFi System from NETGEAR: Orbi by NETGEAR is a Whole Home WiFi System that delivers strong, fast WiFi throughout your home. The Orbi WiFi System (RBK40) covers up to 4,000 square feet with high performance AC2200 WiFi. With the included Orbi Router and Satellite, get the top Internet speeds you pay for everywhere in your home. The innovative Tri-band WiFi technology maximizes Internet speeds with a dedicated backhaul connection. Setup is easy, simply connect your modem to the Orbi Router. Unlike other Home WiFi systems, Orbi works with your Internet Service Provider out of the box without needing to change your current equipment. Then follow the instructions on your computer or download the Orbi app to your mobile device to finish the setup. Then you're done! Orbi will intelligently take care of your network making sure you're connected to the fastest WiFi possible. Be sure to subscribe for more videos:
by NETGEAR via Endless Supplies .Biz - Brands