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Friday, July 21, 2017

More Android Disk Space Tips - DIY in 5 Ep 61

Watch our first video of Android storage tips here: Here are three more Android disk space tips we found. The DiskUsage app from the Google Play Store gives you a nice visual representation of which folders and files are taking up the most space. Sometimes you’ll find even after you delete old apps or programs they’ve left behind a bunch of extra data that’s just sitting there taking up space. With a visualizer like this you can find all those annoying little files and get rid of them for good. For those of you rocking a Samsung newer than the Galaxy S6 and Note 5, Samsung has been providing a handy little app which can help clean up storage hogs. Simply pull down on the notification shade and click on the gear icon (Settings), then scroll down until you see “Smart Manager” and tap on it. Next find the Storage option. After a few moments you’ll be presented with the section Unnecessary Data which consists of things like old cached data and ads. Simply hit delete to reclaim this storage space. Lastly, many of the streaming services like Spotify, Netflix, and Google Play now let you save files to a microSD card so you can keep that internal storage free. Details here: #androidforlife Subscribe to Kingston:
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